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Ways to Practice During Winter Break

When winter break rolls around, many student musicians stop their daily practice because of holidays, vacations, or they want to tuck into blankets all day. However, keeping a consistent practice schedule is of utmost importance to ensure maximum success. As long as you practice something, whether it is a piece from school, your private teacher, or the internet, it will greatly benefit your playing skills. Here are some tips to motivate you to practice!

1. Put away your phone when you practice. If you use a phone as a metronome, turn it on Do Not Disturb. It is super easy to answer one text message and then start watching Instagram Reels for several minutes. To counteract this, simply do not open any applications or notifications on your phone to maximize your practice time. The applications and notifications will be there forever, but the time you have is not infinite.

2. Although you shouldn’t use your phone while practicing, you can use it to set reminders to practice throughout the day. One notification will most likely not be enough to pick up your instrument, but multiple reminders will ensure that you remember to practice daily. Tailor your practice times to your winter break schedule.

3. If you are bored of a piece that you have been working on, you can take a break by finding a fun piece to practice. The internet is a great place to find exciting pieces. It can be any level, and it’s even better if it’s a holiday song! Practicing will still be as efficient, and it will be extra fun to get into the holiday spirit!

4. Practicing with friends is always an effective motivator, especially when you are having a difficult time picking up your instrument. Friends can give effective tips and criticism that can help your playing improve faster than if you were to do it yourself. If your friends are bored with their pieces as well, forming a temporary chamber group can be an enjoyable winter break project.

Think about these practice tips throughout winter break, and try to motivate yourself to practice. Even though it’s really hard to practice during a time of rest and relaxation, it will benefit you in the long run. Happy practicing!

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