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SOTM: Juliana Wong

Another month has passed, which means another star music student gets to shine for the month! Congratulations to junior violinist Juliana Wong for March SOTM! She serves as an outstanding role model, who her peers describe as “hard-working, funny, and dedicated.”

Juliana began her musical journey 10 years ago, starting with the piano at age six. “My parents got me a toy keyboard when I was three and I enjoyed playing it,” she said. Juliana currently has seven years of violin experience. She ultimately ended up picking the violin because of its smaller size, sound, and appeal when she was younger. Later on, she ended up joining the orchestra in the fourth grade. “After watching music assemblies, it was clear to [her] that orchestra was where [she] belonged.” She also adds that she “loved the sound, musicality, and technique of string instruments,” leading to her choice of violin.

Being a part of the music community has enriched Juliana’s life and high school career in multiple ways. She explains, “Music provides a leeway to de-stress and expose [her] to a community,” where she has made lots of new friends. Music has also taught her many essential skills such as “intonation, technicality, musicality, and more!”

Outside of the AHS Orchestra, Juliana has also received state honors for the 2023 Piano Certificate of Merit exam! When she’s not playing music, you can find Juliana working hard on the track, practicing her jumps, going out on runs, and working out. She is also a proud member of USABO and Tri-M.

Orchestra is a big part of Juliana’s high school career. At first, she was going to join band, which is also a fun and immersive group, but she chose to join orchestra without regrets. Juliana pridefully represents the orchestra and music community as the March SOTM!

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