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The 2022 Winter Concert at AHS

Full Symphony Orchestra on stage before the finale.

Right after the success of the Fall Concert, the musicians at Arcadia High School (AHS) began working their way through new pieces in preparation for the Winter Concert. Stepping away from the traditional orchestral pieces, this concert featured some holiday-themed pieces from the pop-industry, such as “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. Despite normally having separate performances, the orchestra collaborated with the choir to add on to the festivities of the holiday season.

“Playing as a whole group was a very enriching experience for me. Because the performance is a group work, I was able to communicate with other instruments besides my own, making new friends. On stage with everyone around me, I was able to unlock my skills and enjoy music,” said AHS freshman Alice Wang, a viola player in String Orchestra.

The Arcadia Choir students performed alongside the orchestras, singing "A Basque Carol" with String Orchestra and "Festival of Carols" with Symphony Orchestra. “It was a great experience, and this is our first concert of the school year joined by orchestra and band. And it’s amazing to see so many people showed up to watch us sing,” said senior Arcadia Chanteur Nathalie Chiu.

Although stepping on the stage and playing in front of such a large audience would inevitably create some stress for the musicians, it also pushed them to notice and fix their imperfections. Not only was the concert a chance for the students to showcase their hard work, it was also a valuable learning experience, for students were tasked to reflect on their performances afterwards.

Being one of the most prestigious public school music programs in Los Angeles County, the Arcadia Music Program provides rewarding experiences for its students. Here, students get to collaborate with one another, dive into the history of music, and learn about the mechanics of music theory. Music is not always about endless practice. The beauty of these instruments lies within its ability to enhance our daily lives.

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