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Student of the Month: Hannah Aguilar

Junior year is undoubtedly a stressful time for high schoolers. It takes a certain amount of skill and schedule to balance AP classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities. Plus, there’s the looming pressure of college admissions. But one particular student in orchestra has been handling the year well.

Hannah Aguilar is a Junior violinist in String Orchestra.

Introducing the April Student of the Month: Hannah Aguilar! Hannah is a current Junior and plays the violin in String orchestra. She was chosen for her exuberant personality and engaging with her section as an activity leader, a role that requires extra effort online. Ms. Chen, who backed the nomination for Student of the Month, noted how helpful and dedicated to orchestra Hannah is. “Hannah has always had a positive attitude in orchestra and is friendly and approachable,” cited Ms. Chen, “She is a consummate team player and has been doing a great job as an activity leader.” A fellow student in String orchestra also mentioned Hannah’s outgoingness, saying that “[Hannah’s] always the one to initiate a conversation in breakout rooms!”

Hannah’s musical journey began in 6th grade after her cousins, fellow violinists, inspired her with their compositions. New to Arcadia her freshman year, Hannah continued her path in orchestra to soften the difficulties of moving to a new district. A decision that’s allowed her to meet more people and make lasting friendships. “My favorite memory of orchestra is the Florida Trip,” she noted, “I made lots of new friends and unforgettable memories.”

Music isn’t Hannah’s only commitment, however. Hannah plays varsity water polo and is one of the captains of the girl’s swim team. In addition, her interest in psychology drove her to join the Neuroscience and Psychology club, which she is now co-president of. She is also involved in the leadership of several community-based clubs and organizations, including the Latinx Student Union and Compassion for Communities.

Hannah pictured above during a water polo game.

When asked if she’d struggled with balancing orchestra on top of everything else she participates in, Hannah answered modestly, saying she’s never had many conflicts between the different organizations. She did, however, offer advice to those looking to participate in both music and a sport. “Make sure to look at the orchestra calendar as well as your sport’s calendar to make sure there are not any conflicts,” wrote Hannah, “[And] if you have morning practice, make sure not to overwork your arms or else it will be difficult to play your instrument.” All essential tips to keep in mind from someone who’s had so much experience.

Hannah planning for the Youth Latinx

Leadership Conference over Zoom.

When not occupied with homework or sports practices, Hannah enjoys walking her German Shepherd, having video calls with her friends, and watching Netflix. She confessed that she is pretty knowledgeable with trivia about The Office, Bones, and Criminal Minds, all her favorite TV shows. Hannah’s go-to drink order? “Matcha Green Tea or Thai Tea with like half sweetness,” she says. Favorite tune at the moment: Blinding Lights by the Weeknd, a perfect song for Zoom dance parties, she said. Although she chose to stay at home for the remainder of the school year, Hannah said she is looking forward to recording for the Pops concert. “The pandemic has not affected my view of orchestra. I love it, and it is still one of my favorite classes.”

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