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October SOTM: Catherine Wang

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

With October rapidly coming to a close, the month has brought yet another talented and all-rounded individual. It is with great delight that we present to you Catherine Wang, October’s Student of the Month.

Catherine is a sophomore in Symphony Orchestra, and though her birthday makes her the youngest member, her friendly personality and aptitude towards the violin helped her fit right in.

Catherine was introduced to music when she was 5, starting with the piano. When she was almost old enough to join the elementary school orchestra, her parents decided she should pick up another instrument.

“I chose the violin, because I thought it sounded cool,” says Catherine. “But, what more can you expect from an 8 year old kid!”

This genuine love for the violin and music blossomed into a way for her to escape from the monotony and stress of school life.

“When I’m playing, I love to experiment with various styles of music to see the range of what can be expressed through the violin,” explains Catherine. “I especially love to play Romantic music because of the intensity of emotion that can be produced with it.”

She also finds interest in searching up pieces she enjoyed hearing on the radio and sight-reading them from the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP).

“It gives me so much satisfaction to hear those pieces come alive in my hands,” says Catherine.

Catherine attributes much of her musical success to the experiences she has been able to gain through the AHS orchestra program.

“Through the past year, I have gained enough confidence to really express myself when I play in an orchestra,” says Catherine. “The level of difficulty of the pieces was challenging, but I enjoy having a high standard to strive towards.”

She also has been told that she tends to play more boldly with a group rather than as a soloist, perhaps a sign of how working in a group brings out the best in her. Speaking of ensemble, Catherine adds that she is a part of a small chamber group called the Astra Piano Trio that does occasional concerts in the spring/summer. She encourages all to check out their performances.

Aside from the violin, Catherine likes to listen to music, draw, read, and play volleyball–whether it's at school, club, or in the backyard with her sister.

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