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SOTM: Isaac Leung

For the month of April, orchestra students have nominated a dedicated, outstanding leader whom they view as a role model. With his diligence and leadership, he inspires others to “step up” in our orchestra community. Please congratulate our April Student of the Month, Issac Leung, a sophomore violist in Concert Orchestra!

“Music has always been a major factor of my life” Isaac comments, beginning with piano lessons at four years old. His parents chose the piano to develop his appreciation for music. In kindergarten, Isaac joined the junior choir at his elementary school, later transitioning to band in second grade, where he played the baritone horn. However, his true passion was discovered later that year when his school music teacher needed a viola player for the orchestra. Isaac eagerly started the viola and became a dedicated member of the junior orchestra in his K-8 school, often joining the senior orchestra for concerts and participating in chamber music opportunities. His enthusiasm was fueled by his encouraging viola teacher, who also directed the orchestra. In sixth grade, Isaac transferred to Foothills Middle School, continuing his viola journey with the Highlander String Orchestra. He briefly experimented with the bagpipes but remained committed to the viola despite not having a tutor. By sophomore year, he advanced to Concert Orchestra, where he “proudly supports the concert violas,” and now looks forward to joining the Symphony next year.

Reflecting on his journey through various musical groups, Isaac realized that discovering where he belonged was a process requiring time and experience. Each ensemble offered valuable lessons, influencing his understanding of discipline, responsibility, and patience. Isaac consistently applies his early piano teacher’s saying: "practice makes permanent." To Issac, this meant that “it takes time and effort to do something well, and [he] won't just get it right away.” He recognizes that perfection is unattainable due to inevitable mistakes; nevertheless, he finds comfort in the idea that dedicated practice ensures lasting improvement. 

Furthermore, Isaac made many friends along the way, noting that his commitment to orchestra has deepened these bonds; it provided a sense of family and a place to express himself through music. Through Concert Orchestra, Media Team, and Tri-Music Honor Society, he was introduced to peers who share his passion for music.

By experimenting with several instruments and discovering his other interests, such as watching movies, playing tennis on the Arcadia HS team, editing, photographing, and studying geography, Isaac's journey demonstrates his varied interests. Despite his diverse pursuits, music remains an essential element of his identity. Isaac embodies a well-rounded perspective by balancing his musical activities and other interests, which enriches his experiences and contributes to his growth as an individual.

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