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SOTM: Gavin Yang

Among all the positive traits that this student embodies, perhaps the most common word that describes him is ‘dedicated’. As one who spends hours practicing and sees music as a possible future career pathway, this student stands out not only with his incredible violin skills, but also his enthusiastic personality. Despite only being a sophomore, this accomplished violinist now has a new title to add to his list of achievements. Let’s congratulate Gavin Yang, assistant concertmaster in Symphony Orchestra, for being the January Student of the Month! 

Gavin’s first memory with the violin was when he was 2, though he formally started when he was 6. “My parents wanted me to start learning to impress the relatives”, said Gavin. His parents made a wise decision, as Gavin has now found his passion. He credits his musical success to his violin teacher. 

As the assistant concertmaster of Symphony Orchestra, Gavin works together with his stand partner, senior Ashlee Sung, to lead the orchestra. “[Ashlee] is a great role model to me and everyone else,” said Gavin. “She practices a lot, is good at helping others, and gives good academic advice.” 

When asked how Gavin inspires his stand partner, he humbly said, “I flip the pages.”

In addition to the violin, Gavin has learned piano, but he quit lessons to focus primarily on the violin. However, like many other students, Gavin’s musical journey does not revolve solely around formal training. In fact, his life has been impacted by music in all sorts of ways, especially on his music taste.

“I listen to classical music a lot,” said Gavin. Although It’s a common stereotype that only “old people '' listen to classical music, Gavin says that those who do not listen to classical music are “just missing out”. “I’d also just say that I’m old to people who say only old people listen to classical music,” said Gavin. 

Furthermore, while playing music is certainly exciting, Gavin finds that his most memorable moments come from another special part of the orchestra program: field trips. The Arcadia Orchestras go on 2-3 trips a year, in addition to concerts and gigs.  In April 2023, the Arcadia Orchestras took a trip to Orlando, Florida, to participate in the WorldStrides Festival.

“Traveling with friends is always fun. My favorite trip would obviously be Florida, as it was the first out of state field trip I’ve ever been on,” said Gavin. Gavin’s experience is a true testament to the everlasting memories that are created through the orchestra program. 

Outside of playing the violin, Gavin enjoys playing “random pieces” on the piano, eating a ton of food, sleeping at the wrong times, and talking with his friends. We wish Gavin many more wonderful experiences with the orchestra program and beyond!

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