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April SOTM: Vivian Meng

As the memorable ‘22 - ‘23 orchestra school year almost comes to an end, Vivian Meng, a diligent and hardworking violinist, has been nominated by her peers and chosen as April Student of the Month!

Vivian’s musical journey began when she started learning the piano, and since then, she’s been playing for 10 years. It wasn’t until she saw a family friend play the violin and piano that she was inspired to pick up a secondary instrument.

“I like playing the piano because it’s easy to be the accompaniment for others and it’s fun to work with them on a piece,” said Vivian.

Similarly, Vivian also enjoys playing the violin because of the endless opportunities to bond and play with others.

While in the orchestra program, Vivian explained how she’s met and made many new friends, especially while being able to play and go on field trips together.

“Music has also taught [her] a lot about perseverance and discipline” through practice and learning what to prioritize, as she always tries her best to stay on top of things.

Being a performing arts student, Vivian is also a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. In her free time, Vivian described how she enjoys anything in the story-telling genre, including reading web novels, books, manga, and watching television shows.

Given the choice, Vivian is proud to have joined orchestra. Her advice for others planning to join is, “Go for it. There’s room for everyone, and it’s a great experience to have with your friends.”

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