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Winter Concert 2019

Each year, Arcadia Orchestras holds its Winter Concert in the AHS Performing Arts Center alongside choir. Each group typically performs a number of winter and/or Christmas themed songs, ranging from classical pieces to pop songs that have been transposed for choir/orchestra groups.

Our music directors, Ms. Chen and Mrs. Svetich worked together to conduct all of the orchestra and choir groups, which performed a combined total of over 20 songs.

Mrs. Svetich conducting Orchestra 2.2 and Chanteurs in A Suite of Three Madrigals from day 1 of the concert

Ms. Chen conducting Symphony Orchestra in St. Paul's Suite from day 2 of the concert

This year, our concert included two special performances from newly formed chamber groups, with one string quartet consisting of students from Orchestra 2, and another larger group with students from Orchestra 3.

The first one is a viola quartet featuring students Cici Liu, Thomas Shay, Bella Xiao, and Stephanie Zheng. The quartet played the final movement, or Pastorale, of Arcangelo Corelli's Christmas Concerto Op. 6, No.8.

The second is a chamber orchestra consisting of 16 members and our concertmaster, Martina Chen, as the soloist. This group played Winter from Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. This included its three movements - I. Allegro non molto, II. Largo, and III. Allegro.

To end the show, Symphony Orchestra was joined by Chanteurs, and together, the two groups performed A Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson.

We hope everyone enjoyed the night of music and felt filled with Holiday spirit leaving the concert!

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