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Student of the Month: Krystal Dang

The coming of March was a largely symbolic milestone for students here in Arcadia. It marked one year since the beginning of distance learning, and for many, over 365 days since the students of orchestra have gotten the opportunity to play together as an ensemble. Our student of the month is particularly aware of the limited time they have left at Arcadia, with only one year until graduation.

Krystal Dang, the Student of the Month for March

Krystal Dang, a junior and violinist in Symphony Orchestra, has been part of orchestra since their freshman year, and their dedication to music that has not gone unnoticed by classmates. A nomination submitted by a fellow student in Symphony Orchestra read, “Krystal really seems to love music. They memorized all the OBD (Orchestra Benefit Dinner) pieces early last year, which most people don't do, and they participate in class a lot. Their passion for music and orchestra is what makes it a better place…”. Orchestra Director, Ms. Chen, also remarked on Krystal, saying, “They have an understated but positive attitude that inspires others to work hard alongside them”, touting that Krystal’s “love and enthusiasm for music has always been evident”.

Jingle the bird in a Zoom call with Krystal

and Ms. Chen in the background

Music isn’t a recent interest of Krystal, who has been playing violin for 6 years, and piano for over 12. Being a member of Arcadia’s orchestras has played its part in making Krystal feel closer to music. “The best part of orchestra is the community! The orchestra program has an amazing, welcoming environment, and I’ve made so many connections and friendships from being a part of it!”, they said in an interview. Despite the disappointment of not being able to rehearse with others this year, Krystal expressed how awed they are by the adaptability and perseverance exhibited by all the students. “This year, orchestras have come up with creative ways to put performances together without the need to gather, and I’ve found recording them to be really exciting! With the extensive efforts everyone has put in this year, there’s no doubt the outcomes are so rewarding,” they exclaimed.

Krystal’s favorite drink: Classic mango green tea

from Sharetea

In their free time, Krystal enjoys catching up on TV shows, playing games with their siblings, drawing, drinking boba, and spending time with their pet birds. Krystal’s current favorite songs include ‘Superman’ by Ivory Layne, ‘6 months’ by John K, ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid, and ‘Paper Planes’ by Elina. As for the future, Krystal’s confidence in music has helped them remain optimistic about what lies ahead. “Music is something I wouldn't be able to imagine a world without; it has always been a way for me to unwind in between classes. With all of the challenges to come in the next few years, music helps me put the rest of the world in the passenger seat... even for just a moment.”

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