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SOTM: Chloe Chan

2023 was truly a memorable year for the orchestra program including the trips, concerts, and social events! To end on a high note, the Orchestra program proudly presents freshman Chloe Chan as December SOTM! As the new concertmaster for String Orchestra, her peers describe her as a dedicated section leader and violinist who continuously demonstrates strong leadership and support to everyone.

With over 10 years of musical experience, Chloe began playing the piano at five and then started her violin journey at nine. She chose the violin because it was the easiest to carry around and many of her friends recommended playing it. Despite the competitiveness, she wanted a challenge and opportunity for growth.

“I immediately chose orchestra because I preferred the harmonious sounds that string instruments were able to create, and I always enjoyed listening to string music while doing my schoolwork,” Chloe explained. Since joining orchestra, Chloe has learned how to express herself through music and made new friends.

Music has taught Chloe the importance of collaboration and teamwork. She explains, “To be successful in orchestra, everyone needs to be on the same page and listen to each other when playing a piece.” Along with this, she has picked up discipline through her rigorous and repetitive practices. Chloe uses these life skills and applies them to her life outside of her music career.

“I am so grateful for orchestra because it is a period where I can truly immerse myself in music and steer away from the stress that life brings,” she says. 

In addition to practicing the violin and playing random piano sheet music, Chloe likes to collect Sonny Angels and eat out with her friends and family in her spare time. Also, another fun fact about her is that she has perfect pitch!

Being in orchestra showed Chloe that she has a community she can rely on, one of the many positives to joining the program! She still has all four years left, so we’re all excited to see what else she has in store for us! Congratulations Chloe Chan for December SOTM!

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