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Orchestra Students have a BLAST at Music Camp

Thanks to the hard work of Orchestra Council and all the camp attendees, music camp was able to return on campus from August 2 to August 6. The weeklong camp had plenty of bonding activities and group rehearsals. Here are some summaries and pictures from each day.

Day One

On Monday, August 2nd, OC members arrived early to set up for the exciting day to come. As orchestra members started drifting in, they were each given a rock and a lanyard with their name, grade, and instrument. Confusing many at first, the rocks were a test of responsibility; whoever kept their rocks with them throughout the week would earn a prize.

Students checking in before entering the music room.
Cabins lined up to play a thrilling game of "Steal the Bacon".

After quick introductions from Ms. Chen and Ms. Tu, pairs of cabins broke the ice by playing energizing games. The rest of the day consisted of a jaw-dropping bass demonstration from the bass coach and sectionals rehearsals.

Day Two

Dressed up for the cabin costume contest, the musicians were almost unrecognizable when they showed up on Tuesday morning. Each of the cabin leaders came up with entirely different and creative ideas. The dress-up themes were Mary’s Little Lambs, Pringles, Houseplants, Bowling, Tourists, Sleepyheads, Skittles, and Play-doh.

Who's that under the mustache (and mask)?
After practicing in sectionals, teams “cat walked” out front to show off their fashion pieces.

They then competed in a high stakes (and hilarious) scavenger hunt throughout campus. At the end of the day, the scavenger hunt’s first prize went to no other than the Tourists.

The Tourists sprinting through the scavenger hunt, coming in at first place.

And the winner of the costume contest was Cabin 3, Houseplants!

Day Three

Wednesday began with rehearsals within sections. Because it was their last day with coaches, players worked extra hard to fine-tune their pieces for the performance.

These students, awed by the demo on Day 1, chose to play bass as their new instrument.

Orchestra later merged with Choir to partake in the event of the week: Mole Day!

In small groups, one “mole” was chosen, similarly to the popular game Among Us. The Mole’s task was to ruin their group activities without revealing too much of their identity.

One group lined up to play a speedy pictionary game.

In the end, groups had engaging discussions about who they suspected to be the imposter. As each Mole was revealed, cries of shock and “I knew it!” filled the music room.

Tired, but hyped, after all the games, groups debated on who they should vote out.

Day Four

The entire orchestra gathered together to participate in a group reading. After years without playing with each other, students played three pieces for the first time while following the conductor. Some may have been a bit rusty, but the surreal feeling of making music as one was all worthwhile.

The entire orchestra sight read music together for the first time.

Musicians later broke off into chamber ensemble groups or went to sectionals.

The bass section gained some new players throughout the week.

Thursday wrapped up with entertaining activity rotations with new groups. Campers got to meet more fellow string players while putting their competitive abilities to the test.

Students folded and threw their paper airplanes in a thrilling contest.

Day Five

Despite it being the last day together, the mood was cheerful going into Friday. After hasty warm-ups, sections and chamber groups performed songs for all of music camp.

Although all the instruments were fantastic, a couple stood out most. The violas became a crowd favorite with their rendition of ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin. The cellos also got participation from the audience when they played AHS's Alma Mater.

Choir also performed on Friday, singing "High Hopes" by Panic! At The Disco.

The memorable week drew to an end with Unity Night activities with Band and Color guard.

The leaders of Band, Orchestra, and Choir gave inspiring speeches to everyone in the performing arts groups.

If you were unable to attend this year, do not worry! Be sure to sign up for Music Camp next year to make new friends and join in on the fun!

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