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February SOTM: Michael DerMovsesian

This violinist has been described as one who is always reliable and who cares for his section. With his constant humor and cheerful attitude, he has made a positive impact to all those around him. Please congratulate junior Michael DerMovsesian for being voted as the February Student of the Month!

Michael was introduced to the violin by his father at the ripe age of three. He formally started learning when he was 11-years-old, in 7th grade.

“When I was about three, my dad took out his violin and showed me how cool it was,” said Michael. “Then he took out a tiny one, about ¼ the size, and handed it to me. I sat on the floor, playing around with it and plucking at the strings.”

Michael pictured above with his tiny violin

Little did Michael know, he would go on to join orchestra in 4th grade and has not skipped a year ever since.

What is his secret to staying in orchestra these past 7 years?

The answer is his friends.

“There are things in orchestra that are hard and frustrate me sometimes, but my friends always help me stick it out,” said Michael. “Or, they drag me down with them!”

With his close bond to friends, it’s not a surprise that he enjoys playing in chamber groups, which can have as little as two people or as many as nine!

“I truly enjoy partaking in chamber music, as you can be more intimate and collaborative with others,” said Michael. “It’s a different experience than orchestra, and I would actually say I prefer chamber music”.

In terms of practicing, Michael attempts for an hour a day, but with bursts of motivation, he sometimes practices more than that. Other times, video games get the best of him, and he skips a day of practicing.

“I will say, something that hinders the amount and productivity of my practicing is that I am short-tempered,” said Michael. “When I encounter a difficult passage, I get frustrated and sometimes I just sit there fuming but eventually, I figure it out.”

Looking ahead, Michael is looking forward to getting opportunities to lead in orchestra. Also coming up is the Florida trip, which he is incredibly excited for!

“I went to Florida four years ago for my brother’s band trip, and it was super fun. I am looking forward to making more memories this time around,” said Michael.

All in all, music has helped Michael connect with people, and it is something that he and his dad are able to bond over.

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