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December SOTM: Faith Harnanto

Described by peers as being a great person, an amazing friend, and one who always tries her hardest, our December Student of the Month is a violinist coming from Concert Orchestra. With her positive attitude and responsible leadership skills, it is no surprise that junior Faith Harnanto was selected as the December Student of the Month!

Faith first started to play the violin when she was about 6 years old, while also learning the piano. Though her talent was there from the beginning, she explains how she wasn’t able to fully appreciate music at first.

“When I was younger, I had lessons for both the piano and violin,” says Faith. “Having to practice them simultaneously was a bit overwhelming, and I couldn’t appreciate the experience of playing them to the fullest”.

Faith’s love for the violin is rooted in the vast amount of new discoveries one can have. Music is also a big de-stresser for Faith, who says,“I enjoy playing the violin because there are many different styles and techniques to learn on the violin, so there’s always a new skill I can practice. I sometimes find myself having jam sessions on the piano and violin, for a few hours on end.”

Perhaps it is this genuine love for music and optimistic outlook that earned Faith the spot of second violin assistant section leader. As a section leader, Faith’s responsibilities include helping lead sectionals (weekly sessions where the section comes together to work on detailed aspects of repertoire), keeping an eye out for those in her section, and being a role model for others.

After all the time spent in class and at home practicing, Faith concludes that it is all worth it.

“My favorite part of being in orchestra is the excitement that comes during concerts and watching the other orchestras perform,” says Faith. “Having my friends and family watch our concerts makes me feel proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

In final remarks, Fatih says that she may not go into a musical career, but will most likely continue to pursue the two instruments that she plays. Nevertheless, orchestra has shown Faith what she can improve on, in and out of playing.

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