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'23-'24 OC

Orchestra council members are orchestra's student leaders. From planning music camp to hosting orchestra socials, orchestra council is essential to the orchestra program's function. Check out this page to learn about each member and their role!


Farrah Chan


Sarah Li


Chloe Shiu

Graphic Designer

Catherine Wang

Symphony Social Chair

Christina Chiou

Premier Social Chair

Cameron Wu

Directors' Assistant

Samantha Leung

Freshman Representative

Charlie Wan

Vice President

Amiruthaa Amudh


Trinity Ko

PR Coordinator

Rianna Marquez

Premier/String Historian

Stephanie Jing

Concert Social Chair

Cathleen Lu

Premier Social Chair

Chloe Li

Sophomore Representative

Carol Chen


Gavin Ngo


Yiwen Tsao

Blog Editor

Sophie Choi

Concert/Symphony Historian

Lucas Oh

String Social Chair

Chloe Liewald

Lead Principal

Ashlee Sung

Gig Coordinator

Emily Yen

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