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Student of the Month: Trevor Carter

In just a short ten months, another school year has passed. For many seniors, the coming of summer isn’t just a reminder of the semesters spent at home, but of hope; many are returning back to normal life, partaking in activities that were not permitted a few months before. One student, in particular, has big plans for his post-pandemic life.

Trevor Carter, the May Student of the Month.

Trevor Carter, the May Student of the Month, will be spending the next two years abroad in the capital city of Portugal. Trevor, a senior in Symphony Orchestra, started his cello and orchestra journey in fourth grade. Though his plans are a daring contrast compared to many of his peers, he says music will still play a large role in his life.

“I’ve been expanding my musical listening horizons recently, and hope to continue to discover interesting and inspirational music,” wrote Trevor. As a self-taught musician, he plays piano, in addition to cello, both of which he finds helps to relieve stress.

Trevor pictured above, playing cello in a freshman year concert

Orchestra Director Ms. Chen selected Trevor to be SOTM for his musical dedication and good vibes. “Trevor smiles in orchestra class every day. He brings a positive energy and earnest desire to learn,” said Ms. Chen, “It has been clear since his freshman year that he genuinely loves music and being a part of the orchestra program. He is well-liked by his peers and has worked hard to make it into Symphony Orchestra without ever having private lessons.” A fellow cellist also pointed out similar qualities of commitment, noting that Trevor “even goes to in-person class.”

Despite the exciting future that awaits him, there are some aspects of high school he says he’ll feel the absence of. “I’ll miss the social life and culture–both are very different from a generic American high school,” wrote Trevor, “The emphasis on academics made it easier to hold myself to high expectations, and friends of different ethnicities and backgrounds opened my eyes to the world.”

Trevor (left) shown building a 3D printer with his brother Jared (right)

In his free time, Trevor enjoys delving into his creative side by working on engineering projects. His other hobbies include playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends and watching Youtube, “though I’m trying to do less of the last one,” he admitted. His favorite food: homemade Navajo tacos. Current favorite song: ‘Summertime” - Cinnamons × Evening Cinema, a song he calls “a very relatable blend of sentimentality, melancholy and hope for an uncertain but beautiful future.” When asked if he had any words of wisdom for underclassmen, he replied, “Plan your time ... so you can do the things you want to. On the other hand, be adventurous! Try new things, and be ready for failure... It’ll help you learn more and discover what you want out of life.”

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