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Student of the Month: Camila Cosme

Despite the hard work being put in everyday for the upcoming Orchestra Benefit Dinner, all orchestra members have come together and chosen our February Student of the Month. We are proud to present to you all Camila Cosme, a bassist in Concert Orchestra!

Camila has been musically active since third grade. Although she is currently a bassist, she played the violin for the first four years of her musical journey. Her motivation to transition to the bass was initiated by her Foothill’s music teacher, Mr. Morton. In middle school, Mr. Morton was in need of bass players and since she was interested in the bass, Camila decided to try it out. After getting to know the bass, Camila said that she “liked how it sounded compared to the violin.” This led to her switching instruments permanently in seventh grade.

Ms. Chen handing Camila the Student of the Month certificate.

Being a part of orchestra has also made a lasting impression on her life. Camila says that playing with others helped her “connect with people [that she] probably wouldn’t have.” Orchestra has also given her more leadership and cooperation skills, since she has to learn how to work with others in order to thrive as a co-section leader. She has since discovered how to be more confident in playing, since the bass section is abnormally small in comparison to the other sections, especially in Concert Orchestra. Thus, playing loudly and listening intensely to other sections has become the new norm for Camila.

Although it is common for string players to play mainly classical music, Camila “personally really likes ballroom dance music.” She enjoys this genre of music since it is “very fun to listen to the other parts while playing [and] has an intense whimsical and playful tone.”

Outside of orchestra, Camila enjoys sketching and painting both traditionally and digitally. She has been doing art longer than she has been playing an instrument. If you want to check out her pieces, you can find them on her Instagram @CamCamm_art.

Even though Camila has been playing in AHS’s orchestras for 3 years, her many memories have sort of blurred together, making it more difficult for her to pick out a specific instance. Despite this, “my favorite orchestra memory is the orchestra benefit dinner finale” during my freshman year, says Camila. She doted on this memory because it was “an experience like no other.”

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