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Student of the Month: Christina Chiou

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

For many freshmen at Arcadia High School, this is their first time on a school campus after almost two years of being online. The Orchestra Student of the Month honor was created last year to spotlight students who have made an impact on their peers in and out of orchestra. To start off the new school year, here is our October SOTM, Christina Chiou.

Christina Chiou, October Student of the Month

Christina is a freshman bassist in String Orchestra. During music camp this summer, she was one of the few people who took on the challenge to switch from violin to bass. Moving from the smallest to the largest instrument was a drastic change for Christina, but she feels that she “got to make new friends and hear the orchestra from a different perspective.”

Orchestra Director Ms. Chen chose Christina to be SOTM for her commitment to orchestra and willingness to try something new. Her friends also feel the same way, saying that Christina “learned to play bass in a week, and then went on to become the assistant principal.” Christina’s outgoing and bright energy has influenced those around her, leading to a generally more positive vibe in orchestra.

Above, Ms. Chen presenting Christina with the Student of the Month certificate.

Aside from music, Christina has a quite unique hobby. In an interview with her, she said “this might sound kind of weird, but I really enjoy reading my history textbook.” As unconventional as it may sound, she believes it opens her eyes to many more cultures and how they influence our society today. Along with this, she enjoys sleeping and spending time with her family.

Being in an orchestra during the in person year has definitely brought change, especially after only seeing everyone on Zoom. For Christina, the in-person year has helped her hear others more clearly. She looks forward to orchestra everyday and says it’s her favorite class.

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