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Arcadia Music Club Walkathon 2023

While Orchestra is certainly a fun and enriching experience for students, some of the most worthwhile events wouldn’t be possible without the many fundraisers throughout the year. One of these is the annual Apache Walkathon hosted by the Arcadia Music Club on Sept. 16th. Orchestra, Band, Choir, Percussion, and Color Guard students all participated in raising money for musical expenses.

Prior to the walk, students were encouraged to raise at least $70 in pledges. After making their pledges, donors would either pay a flat pledge or a certain amount per lap that the student walked or ran. The goal was to raise at least $30,000 for AHS’ music program.

“All donations are 100% used for instrument instruction, coaching, performance opportunities, and equipment,” explained Walkathon Chair Tiffany Loong. Without these funds, some of the coaches, newer instruments, and opportunities used in Orchestra would likely not be around.

In addition to fundraising, the Apache Walk provided a bonding opportunity for Orchestra students to build friendships within Orchestra and other musical groups. Since students at the Walkathon came from every music program, the orchestra students could meet new people and learn about different musical ensembles.

One way that students could bond was by participating in the Walkathon scavenger hunt. After scanning a QR code, students could fill out a Google Form that had them observe their surroundings throughout the walk. One prompt was to take a picture with someone who was wearing the same color shirt, which gave students an opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones and take pictures with new people. At the end of the scavenger hunt, students were rewarded with refreshing Otter Pops!

One of the most unique aspects of the Walkathon was how each student approached the walk differently. Some chose to walk for the whole hour, while others tested their stamina and raced against their friends. Some students, whether by choice or due to a scheduling conflict, chose to complete the walk early in the morning at 7 a.m. This only goes to show the amount of dedication that the students put towards the walk and raising funds for their program!

All in all, the 2023 Apache Walk ended up being an enriching experience for students both within and outside Orchestra. Since Arcadia Music Club is still taking donations, they will hopefully be able to meet their goal. Thank you to all the student musicians and the parents of Arcadia Music Club who participated for your hard work!

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