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Alumni Feature: Janice Wang

It’s no secret that the Arcadia High School (AHS) orchestra program provides a more than optimal environment for students to grow and thrive, both as musicians and individuals. In fact, the invaluable skills and memories formed throughout the orchestra program continue to follow students long after they’ve graduated! Class of 2022 alumna Janice Wang provides a shining example of this, as she has continued to thrive after high school as a Biomedical Health Studies major participating in undergraduate research at Purdue University.

Just like us, Janice was a member of the orchestra program at AHS, playing both violin and piano. Over the years, she progressed until she was able to perform at the Symphony level. For Janice, the unique opportunity to play challenging pieces at this level was one of the most fulfilling takeaways she got from being in the orchestra program.

“Classical music was a huge part of my artistic interests back in high school, so it was always fun getting to play famous, renowned symphonies,” Janice explained. “I felt that [I] was able to truly connect with the music we played, deciphering its intricacies and pondering the stories behind each piece.”

Outside of orchestra, Janice had a packed schedule, being part of water polo and fostering her passion for science through Pre-med Club and Neuroscience and Psychology Club. Fortunately, orchestra always served as a much-needed escape from the hectic nature of everyday life, both through the music itself and the lifelong friends she found within our community.

“Music [had] been very influential to my mental health throughout high school, as well as my emotional well being,” recalled Janice. “Music was a great distraction from my daily, intense schedules…and I really found myself a home within the orchestra community.”

Indeed, taking a break from high school’s academic rigor is key, according to Janice. For all of us still in high school, Janice advises to never hesitate in pursuing what interests us. 

“No one is truly set in stone of what their future career will be, so it’s important to enjoy the moments and test the waters of each field – maybe you’ll like something,” she said. “Never lose sight of your interests and passions, and don’t forget to have fun.”

Although she is no longer actively involved orchestra, Janice still enjoys the solace that music brings by playing piano in nearby dorms whenever possible. She also continues to keep in touch with the friends she made through AHS orchestras, a testament to the lasting bonds that are formed throughout the program.

As Janice puts it, “Orchestra really tied many missing pieces together.”

Hopefully, students are able to learn from Janice’s experiences and can also apply the lessons learned from orchestra to whichever path they choose in life. As for Janice, we wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors! 

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