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2024 Pops Concert

The 23-24 orchestra school year was filled with great memories of the festivals, concerts, socials, and more! To wrap up this school year, the Arcadia Orchestra and Band held their annual Pops Concert. It was an eventful Saturday, filled with music that many recognize. There were many performances, including “Final Countdown” by Europe and the animated movie How to Train Your Dragon.

The Arcadia Orchestras played throughout the whole afternoon. Premier Orchestra had fun movie soundtracks from the Lion King, the Fantastic Beasts trilogy, and “Final Countdown.” String Orchestra performed music from the childhood movie classic Enchanted, a medley from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Melissa Young conducted her arrangement of the anime movie Suzume. Concert Orchestra played the all-time favorite “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and songs from the movies Coco and Wonder Woman. To end the wonderful orchestra performance, Symphony Orchestra wowed the audience with How to Train Your Dragon, West Side Story, Idol, and another all-time favorite: Treasure by Bruno Mars. The group also played an arrangement from Five Nights at Freddy’s, conducted and arranged by Krista Lombardi.

This day was a shining moment for many, especially for two young composers, violist Krista Lombardi from Symphony Orchestra and violist Melissa Young from String Orchestra. Krista had the incredible opportunity to conduct for the first time. Even now, “words can’t describe how big of a difference it is hearing a live orchestra play [her] very own arrangement.” She believes that “everyone did really well” and “that it was really the orchestra who made this work out.” The process was “a bit rocky at first,” but in the end it worked out! Krista describes that she’s “really grateful that everyone was patient with [her] throughout rehearsal” and how “everyone was able to pull through!”

Melissa Young conducting her arrangement of "Suzume!"

As a bonus, Krista’s birthday was also on the same day! A surprise celebration was played, which was an emotional and moving moment for her. Krista describes that “it was really sweet, and [she] felt very encouraged!” The moment was unexpected, and she says “moments like these are what help [her] realize how supportive [her] friends are and even the orchestra/music program.” 

Krista Lombardi conducting her arrangement of a "Five Nights at Freddy's" Medley!

The last concert was a blast for many! As we say farewell to the seniors in orchestra, the Orchestra Program will have lots more to showcase in the next school year! 

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